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Does your vehicle try to turn even though you are driving straight ahead? If so you may have steering issues. The technicians at Rocktown Automotive will determine the cause of your problem, get you back on the road and you will be steering effortlessly. 


Does drop or rock back and forth when you go over bumps? And do you hear a knocking sounds? If so it might be time to replace your shocks or struts. Wheather your vehicle has shock absorbers or a strut-based suspension system, the technicians at Rocktown Automotive has the knowledge to diagnose and repair your suspension issues and get you back on the road and driving smoothly.








My vehicle is very bumpy, should I replace my suspension system? 


Not necessarily, however, if it feels like your vehicle is bouncing around even on small bumps, it is time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. It may be time to change your shocks and struts but we won't know for sure until we complete the inspection.

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